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说明: China is the world's most important optical communications country and plays a pivotal role in the field of fiber optic cable. However, in the field of optical communication chips, China still has a lot of room for improvement, especially high-end optoelectronic chips. China's optical communications industry development status At present, there are not many enterprises that can produce optical communication chips in China, and there are about 30 companies, most of which can produce low-end chips in large quantities. Only a few manufacturers such as Guangxun Technology, Hisense, Huawei, and Bonfire can produce medium and high-end chips, but the overall supply is limited, and the market share is less than 1%. High-end chips rely heavily on Broadcom, Mitsubishi and other US and Japanese companies. In the core construction cost of optical networks such as routers, base stations, transmission systems, and access networks, the cost of optical components accounts for 60-80%, and the...
说明: Recently, the results of researchers in the Graphene Flagship project show that graphene-based integrated photonic devices provide a unique solution for next-generation optical communications. Researchers have demonstrated that graphene can achieve ultra-wideband communication and low power consumption, fundamentally changing the way data is transmitted in optical communication systems. This may make graphene integrated equipment a key factor in the development of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. The results were published in Nature Reviews Materials and highlighted on the cover. “As traditional semiconductor technologies are approaching their physical limitations, we need to explore new technologies to achieve our most ambitious vision for a future networked global society,” explains Wolfgang Templ, head of transceiver research at Nokia Bell Labs in Germany. They are one of the flagship partners of Graphene. “Graphene is expected to be an important step in the perfo...
说明: Recently, the 400G BiDi MSA said it has released its first 400G-BD4.2 specification. The specification describes a 400 Gbps transmission over 100 meters on a multimode fiber via a dual wavelength BiDi transmission method. The MSA claims that 100Gbps BiDi can be used in Ethernet applications, and it is also compatible with existing parallel multimode fiber infrastructure.In July of this year, the 400G BiDi MSA was announced and plans to select BiDi optical transceivers for 70-150m multimode fiber applications. Founding members include Alibaba, Broadcom, Cisco, Corning, FIT, Xuchuang, Inphi and Sumitomo Electric, and later joined Finisar. In the same period, the IEEE P802.3cm 400Gb/s working group based on multimode fiber voted to implement a similar specification called 400GBASE-SR4.2. The 400G BiDi MSA and IEEE working groups hope that this approach will significantly reduce the number of multimode fibers required to support 400G Ethernet transmission. The MSA believes that this m...
说明: Chongqing Daily News (Reporter Xia Yuan) October 21, the 14th National Plastic Optical Fiber and Polymer Photonic Society and Industry Alliance Annual Conference was held in Chongqing, the domestic plastic optical fiber industry enterprises, universities and research institutes and more than 80 units attended. Chongqing Daily reporters learned from the meeting that at present, the city is cultivating hundreds of billions of plastic optical fiber industry, in the future better signal transmission, stronger anti-interference plastic optical fiber will gradually replace copper wire, for the citizens to "surf the Internet" to speed up. The conference was hosted by the China Optical Society Fiber Optics and Integrated Optics Professional Committee, China Plastic Fiber Industry Union, Chongqing Century Light Technology Company, Chongqing University and other undertakings. At the meeting, scholars from Jilin University, Chongqing University and other universities, as well as le...
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