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说明: According to a new report by Grand Research Research, the global fiber optic connector market is expected to reach $ 5.9 billion (about $ 40.43 billion) by 2025.The field of fiber will usher in significant growth during the forecast period. Fiber optic connectors have great potential to become a medical, railway, defense & aviation, oil and gas field is widely used as part of the field.This technology has been ongoing research and development, and aims to mass market development of low-cost applications and technology solutions.Over the past few years, fiber technology has made significant progress, thanks to ongoing R & D activities and growth requirements from high-bandwidth communications and data services.The fiber market includes different fiber optic connectors such as SC connectors, LC connectors, FC connectors, ST connectors, MTP / MPO connectors, and others.According to fiber applications, the market can be divided into military & aviation, oil & gas, tele...
说明: The upgraded OM3 and OM4 have been widely applied in Data Centers and other high-speed applications in the past few years. Now, OM5, which allows a higher range and transmission speed by SWDM (Short Wave Division Multiplexing) technology, is available in ADTEK.The acceptance of this standard is a milestone for the fiber cabling performance category because it extends the benefits of this revolutionary multimode fiber within connected buildings and data centers worldwide.Compared with OM3 and OM4, which are suitable for transmission in the range of 850nm wavelength, the new optical cabling class OM5 can operate within a range of 850nm to 950nm, thus increasing the performance and the quality of connectivity in your data center.The advantages of OM5 as follow:1. Excellent performance and quality of connectivity for your data center.2. Higher range and transmission speed through SWDM technology.3. Transmission rate up to 100 Gbit/s with only 2 fibers (instead of 8 fibers).4. OM5 cabl...
说明: Many people may be confused about what is cloud computing and what is data center. They often ask questions like, “Is a cloud a data center?”, “Is a data center a cloud?” or “Are cloud and data center two completely different things?” Maybe you know your company needs the cloud and a date center. And you also know your data center needs the cloud and vice versa. But you just don’t know why! Don’t worry. This essay will help you have a thorough understanding of the two terms and tell you how they differ from each other. Cloud Computing vs Data Center: Let’s begin with their definition first.What Is Data Center and Cloud Computing?The term “data center” can be interpreted in a few different ways. First, an organization can run an in-house data center maintained by trained IT employees whose job is to keep the system up and running. Second, it can refer to an offsite storage center that consists of servers and other equipment needed to keep the stored data accessible both v...
说明: Traditional optical cabling solutions such as duplex patch cords and duplex connector assemblies work well in application-specific, low-port-count environments. But as port counts scale upwards and system equipment turnover accelerates, these solutions become unmanageable and unreliable. Deploying a modular, high-density, MTP-based structured wired cabling system in the data center will significantly increase response to data center moves, adds and changes (MACs). Knowledge of MTP modules and MTP harnesses will be provided in this blog.Introduction to MTP Modules and Harnesses An obvious benefit to deploying a MTP-based optical network is its flexibility to transmit both serial and parallel signals. MTP to duplex connector transition devices such as modules and harnesses are plugged into the MTP trunk assemblies for serial communication. MTP Modules are typically used in lower-portcount break-out applications such as in server cabinets. MTP harnesses provide a significant increase...
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