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说明: Nowadays, with the increasing data volume, data centers are facing the challenges of increasing demand, power density, node and rack equipment. As a result, their data centers will generate more heat. The problem of heat dissipation has become a difficult problem for data center operators. According to a survey released by BSRIA, the traditional cooling solution used by data centers is air cooling, but with the increasing demand for services, data centers are prompting them to explore new alternative solutions to find more flexible, powerful and cost-effective cooling layouts and technologies. At this point, the way of liquid cooling is born. Liquid cooling, as the name suggests, is a liquid-based cooling system that pumps liquid through pipes around equipment that needs to be cooled, which absorbs the heat generated by IT equipment and takes it away. Another liquid cooling technology being developed is jet impingement, which directs the liquid jet toward the equipment t...
说明: Who said the engine room could not be tall? After one year's time, seven rounds of detailed discussion on requirements, 11 revisions, elaborate and devoted to creating the visualization platform of the data center infrastructure of the Bank of China. This is a combination of intelligence and beauty, cool, visual and other elements, efficient, innovative, high-value infrastructure operation and maintenance platform. The platform consists of two major functional modules: First, infrastructure operation and maintenance data module. In order to integrate the large data resources of infrastructure operation and maintenance, we independently developed the infrastructure operation and maintenance data module, which integrates the operation and maintenance information of decentralized and manual maintenance hardware equipment, application deployment, computer room resources and comprehensive wiring and other basic environmental resources, and accumulates more than 100,000 pieces...
说明: The advent of 5G will also bring about tremendous changes in user content services and experience, such as high-definition video, VR games, the Internet of Things and other industries will be profitable, accelerate the pace of development.First of all, the high-definition video industry will usher in the spring, and the user's visual experience will be greatly enhanced. A few days ago, China Mobile completed the 8K HD video on demand demonstration based on 5G network, compared with 4K video, 8K ultra-high definition video can not only improve the quality of the picture, achieve a high degree of restoration of real scenes; and 8K high definition video technology combined with 5G network will change the traditional media industry, and help the broadcasting and television industry in an all-round way. The transformation and upgrading of end-to-end production mode will promote innovative applications in all walks of life, including the popularity of consumer entertainment in sports, live p...
说明: Adtek will take a 7-day vacation on China National Day, and will offer you an discount if your order now.The National Day is one of the most important days in China. And we celebrate a brand new country that try it best to let people improve themselves since October 1,1949.The National Day arrangements are as follows:China National Day: From October 1st to 7th vacation break, September 29th, 30 days to work.If you have order needs, please place your order in advance,and we will give a discount for you.   International Marketing Department Adtek                                                                                                                    ...
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