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Chongqing to cultivate 100 billion plastic fiber industry plastic fiber will enter the public's home

Time: 2018-10-25
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Chongqing Daily News (Reporter Xia Yuan)
October 21, the 14th National Plastic Optical Fiber and Polymer Photonic Society and Industry Alliance Annual Conference was held in Chongqing, the domestic plastic optical fiber industry enterprises, universities and research institutes and more than 80 units attended. Chongqing Daily reporters learned from the meeting that at present, the city is cultivating hundreds of billions of plastic optical fiber industry, in the future better signal transmission, stronger anti-interference plastic optical fiber will gradually replace copper wire, for the citizens to "surf the Internet" to speed up.


The conference was hosted by the China Optical Society Fiber Optics and Integrated Optics Professional Committee, China Plastic Fiber Industry Union, Chongqing Century Light Technology Company, Chongqing University and other undertakings. At the meeting, scholars from Jilin University, Chongqing University and other universities, as well as leaders of the National Optical Communication Association and well-known domestic plastic optical fiber enterprises, exchanged views on the latest research progress and development trends in the fields of plastic optical fiber and polymer photonic materials.


Chongqing to cultivate 100 billion plastic fiber industry plastic fiber will enter the public's home

As one of the strategic emerging industries in our city, plastic optical fiber is widely used in the fields of optical network city construction, intelligent lighting, industrial Internet and robot communication because of its high bandwidth, flexibility, safety and reliability. At present, Chongqing Plastic Optical Fiber Industrial Park, which is built by Chongqing Century Optical Technology Company in Changshou District, has built a production line of communication grade plastic optical fiber materials and optical fiber cable. After large-scale production, it will form a scale of 100 billion output value, serving for large-scale intelligent data construction.


"Plastic optical fiber products made in Chongqing were exhibited at the first intellectual exposition and received positive feedback from the industry." According to Fang Sheng, deputy general manager of Chongqing Century Optics Technology Co., Ltd., plastic optical fiber has been put into use in some government and enterprise units in China because of its stable transmission network signal, low failure rate and convenient maintenance. It will be gradually popularized in the future so that the public can use the network more smoothly.

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