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Scramble for 400G era industry giants to compete for layout

Time: 2018-10-15
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From the perspective of communication development, high-speed rate is the eternal theme of optical transmission network development. At present, 100G is the mainstream technology of optical transmission network, China has also built the world's largest 100G WDM / OTN commercial transmission network.


With the advent of the 5G era, the demand for network bandwidth has shown a surge trend, 100G has begun to feel laborious. In order to alleviate the pressure on data transmission, ultra-100G coherent transmission represented by single carrier 200G/400G has become the focus. Cignal Al, a well-known international analysis company, predicted that by 2020, ultra-100G technology will occupy nearly 30% of the optical network bandwidth market share.


400G is the only way to build communication network.


With the rapid development of cloud computing, big data and other emerging technologies and industries, telecom operators and Internet giants are experiencing unprecedented pressure. Xie Chongjin, senior technical director of the Alibaba Infrastructure Division, said that as the number of connected devices grew, the amount of data generated increased dramatically, and higher bandwidth was needed to meet the demand for the network. In order to better meet these conditions, the computation and processing of these data need to be converged to the cloud. In this process, the demand for data transmission will also increase greatly.


Alibaba has been expanding its data centers to meet the challenges of the explosion of demand that has led to significant annual growth in the amount of data it processes. In the construction of data center, the demand of high-speed optical module has also been increasing rapidly.


Data center is a virtual computer composed of a series of servers. These servers need to be interconnected through optical fiber and optical modules to form a powerful server to provide more powerful computing power. From the data center rate point of view, it is generally believed that cloud computing is from 10G to 40G and then to 100G, the next generation of data centers will develop to 400G. Xie Chongjin believes that the next generation of data centers can now be basically identified as 400G.


The broad market prospect of 400G has become the consensus of communication industry. Therefore, many optical devices and optical module manufacturers have increased their input in this area.


Scramble for 400G era industry giants to compete for layout

Beacon fire communication


As an expert in optical communication field, Beacon started basic research on 400G technology many years ago, and successfully launched commercial 400G series transmission platform FONST 6000 products, reaping a large share of the market.


According to official information, the 400G optical transmission platform FONST 6000 series independently developed by Beacon Communications is a brand-new high-capacity OTN product for 100G and ultra 100G. It has the following characteristics: single slot backplane bandwidth is the highest in the industry, and can be smoothly evolved to Tbit level in the future; high integration can fully save room space; green energy-saving support; Ethernet, OTN, SDH, storage, video and many other business types. It is the most cutting-edge new technology product in the field of optical communication. It can carry many kinds of new business, such as "VR, 4K, large-screen games, smart home" and so on. It can construct intelligent ultra-wide optical network to support the landing of "smart broadcasting" strategy.


At present, the beacon 400G platform has many application cases both at home and abroad. For example, through the platform provided by Beacon, both Malaysian Telecom and Turkish Telecom have achieved a mixed transmission of 100G and 400G services; in the domestic market, Guangdong Mobile Guangzhou to Shenzhen East Ring trunk line to achieve a stable commercial transmission of 400G.




In September, at the European Conference on Optical Communications in Rome, Intel unveiled details of new silicon-optic products optimized for 5G applications.


Intel's total market opportunity for connectivity services, including silicon optics, is expected to grow from $4 billion today to an estimated $11 billion target market in 2022, according to Intel officials. Since its first 100G silicon-optic product was launched in 2016, Intel has stepped up production to supply its 100G data center products at an annual rate of more than one million. In May this year, Intel demonstrated its 400G silicon light capability. Samples of 400G silicon-optic products are expected to go on sale next quarter and 400G modules are expected to be shipped in the second half of 2019, officials said.


Scramble for 400G era industry giants to compete for layout

Source Photonics


In March this year, Sols Optoelectronics, a data center and broadband access optical module manufacturer, officially launched a new series of 400G transceiver modules, including 400G QSFP-DD FR8/LR8 modules for data centers and 400G CFP8 FR8/LR8 modules for transmission communications.


Ed Ulrich, director of Sols Optoelectronic Product Line, said: "The new 400G product line will further enrich Sols 400G product line, while we will ensure that in the shortest possible time for the market for data transmission, routers, switches products to provide efficient, high-speed data connections to provide first-class modular products and products. Technical support. " These new products will provide strong technical support for the next upgrade of network operators.


Scramble for 400G era industry giants to compete for layout

Midline Asahi


On June 23 this year, Zhongji Xuchuang announced that in order to meet the needs of the company's business development and further enhance its capital strength and profitability, the company intends to issue stocks in private with a fund not exceeding 1.7 billion yuan for the development and production of 400G optical communication modules, the construction of Tongling optical module Industrial Park in Anhui Province, and the supplement. Liquidity and repayment of bank loans.


Zhongji Xuchuang said that its subsidiary, Suzhou Xuchuang, has been in the leading position in the optical communication industry for many years. Suzhou Xuchuang has accumulated rich technical and business foundation in the research and development and production of optical module products, and laid a solid foundation for the sound development of optical module product research and development, production and sales business.


Optical Science and technology


In April 2018, as a leading supplier of optoelectronic devices, Guangxun launched the 400G CFP8 LR8 optical module, which is also the first product of Guangxun for 400G customer applications. Using the existing high-end product development technology and 100G integrated device packaging platform, Guangxun can support 16x25.78125Gb/s NRZ and 16x26.562 at the same time. 5Gb/s NRZ transmits and synthesizes 8-channel PAM4 modulation mode. It fully meets the IEEE 802.3bs and 400GBase-LR8/FR8 standards. It can support up to 10 kilometers transmission. The performance of ophthalmogram is well tested in laboratory.


Conclusion: from the layout of manufacturers, we can see that the popularity of 400G is the trend of the times. However, due to the high cost of communication construction, the replacement of 400G is bound to undergo a gradual process. Therefore, the full use of 400G still has a long way to go.

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