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Computer room operation is very boring? Let's take a look at the visualization operation and managem

Time: 2018-10-15
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Who said the engine room could not be tall? After one year's time, seven rounds of detailed discussion on requirements, 11 revisions, elaborate and devoted to creating the visualization platform of the data center infrastructure of the Bank of China. This is a combination of intelligence and beauty, cool, visual and other elements, efficient, innovative, high-value infrastructure operation and maintenance platform.


Computer room operation is very boring? Let's take a look at the visualization operation and managem

The platform consists of two major functional modules:


First, infrastructure operation and maintenance data module.


In order to integrate the large data resources of infrastructure operation and maintenance, we independently developed the infrastructure operation and maintenance data module, which integrates the operation and maintenance information of decentralized and manual maintenance hardware equipment, application deployment, computer room resources and comprehensive wiring and other basic environmental resources, and accumulates more than 100,000 pieces of data and nearly 500,000 fields. The IT equipment life cycle management system has been built.


Computer room operation is very boring? Let's take a look at the visualization operation and managem

Two. Infrastructure visualization module


On the basis of comprehensive and accurate operation and maintenance data, the infrastructure visualization module solves the information that needs many systems, excel tables or reports for time-consuming analysis and comparison before, and presents it in a view in three-dimensional form, which changes the traditional way of displaying operation and maintenance information. The operation and maintenance efficiency of the dramatic improvement, fast and accurate fault location, etc., is not simply to show off the expression.


(1) visualization of computer room environment


Taking the actual scene of XXX computer room as the prototype and using the three-dimensional simulation technology, the information and model building of more than 300 types of equipment and facilities in the computer room are collected one by one. Starting from the details, the equipment model is accurate to the port level. The accurate modeling of more than 3000 cabinet-level equipment and more than 4000 frame-level equipment in the computer room is realized. The virtual reality environment with multi view and multi-dimensional layering is built.


Computer room operation is very boring? Let's take a look at the visualization operation and managem

(2) Asset Management Visualization


Asset management visualization can directly query and accurately locate equipment and facilities in the computer room three-dimensional scene, more than 20,000 asset data automatically updated, click the mouse, location, appearance, model, system application, capacity, port use and other equipment information instantly presented, accurate and detailed.


(3) visualization of capacity management


Capacity management of computer room resources has always been a difficult problem, often need to take into account space, distribution, hardware resources and other multi-dimensional factors. Now it is possible to visualize the environment, resources, distribution, equipment resources, PUE and other information in a multi-dimensional centralized display, more than 25,000 real-time data acquisition, the use of basic resources at a glance, no longer just talk about excel paper.


Computer room operation is very boring? Let's take a look at the visualization operation and managem

(4) visualization of operation and maintenance management


Integrated monitoring, hardware high-level events automatically positioned to the relevant equipment and prominent prompt, click on the equipment can quickly obtain assets, operation and maintenance (IP, system, maintenance change information, etc.), wiring connection and other information, effectively improve the efficiency of fault location, pre-judgment and processing. The monitoring and optimization of the temperature and humidity in the computer room has a great influence on the stable operation of the equipment. In the past, the temperature and humidity of the computer room could be roughly assessed by isolated monitoring numbers. Now we will environmental control system temperature and humidity monitoring data, through the color view of the way to draw real-time temperature cloud map, temperature distribution details of the overall grasp, the hot spot area in a panoramic view, targeted operation and maintenance support.


Does the small heart follow the feeling of beating together?


(5) visualization of wiring management


Cable management has always been a "big problem". Last year, we worked hard in the operation of wiring laying. This year, we excelled in the management of cable data. There are hundreds of thousands of cable data, which intuitively presents cable connection information such as fiber optic, network and distribution, accurately to the board and port, so as to achieve accurate port-to-port determination. Position.


The complete link information of cables, such as optical fiber, cable and distribution, is displayed to the port accurately.


• intuitively display cable and pipe connection information for managing IT equipment, cabinet to PDU, ATS and UPS.


Computer room operation is very boring? Let's take a look at the visualization operation and managem

(6) visualization of operation and maintenance data


No longer need to look through the monitoring graphics, also do not need a comparison of monitoring reports, do not need to fill the brain, all the operation and maintenance data automatic collection, intuitive presentation, operation and maintenance efficiency greatly improved, even if the white also minute into the computer room operation and maintenance experts!


(7) personnel location tracking


Personnel positioning and tracking module through RFID radio frequency identification technology real-time card reading identification, positioning and tracking, recording the trajectory of activities, improve the security of the computer room safeguard capability.

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