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Time: 2018-09-28
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The white paper on broadband development in China was released in Beijing. The white paper shows that fixed broadband and mobile traffic charges have fallen by more than 90% over the past three years.

CCTV news mobile network news, China information and Communication Research Institute

According to the president of the China Institute of Information and Communications, China has entered the era of optical fiber in an all-round way. The proportion of optical fiber broadband subscribers has reached 87%, and the penetration rate of fixed broadband households has risen to 82%. The development goal of the 13th Five-Year Plan has been fulfilled ahead of schedule. Fiber user ratio and 4G user penetration are among the highest in the world.

Wen Ku, Director of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the abolition of "roaming fees" for domestic traffic this year resulted in a 91% drop in the average fee for mobile traffic and a more than 90% drop in the average fee for fixed broadband compared with the end of 2014. The network speed up and reduce the cost work carried out in the past three years, the total cost reduction and profit making more than 130 billion yuan.

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