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The development of optical communication chips is speeding up, and the boom of the industry continue

Time: 2018-09-13
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Recently, at the first China International Intelligent Industry Expo, the world's first commodity-grade ultra-wideband visible-light communication chipset was introduced, marking the beginning of the ultra-wideband special chip era for visible-light communication industry in China. This is the engineering application in this field after China set a world record of 50 Gbps visible-light communication rate in 2015. Another leading technology achievement in the world.




Prior to this, the optical communication industry by the "no UWB chip" trouble, the lack of high quality, high level, large-scale industrialization of the implementation of the foundation. However, with the launch of the chipset and the continued development of higher-performance chips, the pace of industrial marketization will accelerate.




At present, the optical communication industry has become the pillar of modern communications industry, overlapping the outbreak of traffic, optical fiber to the home, data center, 5G and many other factors, the industry is expected to continue to rise. According to the agency's forecast, the visible optical communication industry will exceed US $200 billion in 2022.




Optical communication devices are the basis of constructing optical communication systems and networks, and China has become an important production and sales base of optoelectronic components in the world. With the gradual shift of optical device industry to China, the advent of UWB visible light communication chipset will greatly promote the development of global visible light communication technology, industry and market ecological environment.




According to Ovum's statistics, the market size of the global optical communication device industry reached 9.6 billion US dollars in 2016, and has maintained a rapid growth trend. It is expected that the global market size will further increase to 16.6 billion US dollars by 2020, and the annual composite growth rate will reach 14.7%.




In recent years, China's optical communication device market has maintained the same growth trend with the world. China's optical communication device market accounts for about 25% - 30% of the global market share. However, as the largest optical communication market and system equipment manufacturer in the world, the share of optical communication device industry in the world does not match the existing resources.




In addition, the localization rate of chips is still at a low level. According to the calculation, the domestication rate of 10Gb/s optical chip is close to 50%, the domestication rate of 25Gb/s and above is far below 50%, and the use of 25Gb/s rate module is basically dependent on imports.




The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "China's optoelectronic device industry technology development roadmap (2018-2022)" to ensure that in 2022, the localization rate of low-end optoelectronic chips exceeded 60%, and the localization rate of high-end optoelectronic chips exceeded 20%.




With the advancement of broadband strategy in China, the three major telecom operators in China have accelerated the pace of urban construction of optical network, and the optical communication industry in China has shown a rapid growth trend. The large-scale construction of data centers and 5G construction in the past three years are expected to stimulate a new round of operators'investment cycle and promote the growth of demand for optical communication chips and other devices.




In April this year, Hebei Keguang compound semiconductor production project settled in Cangzhou, the project is the world's leading full-chain chip production project, mainly for the domestic communications market. The project is planned to be the third high-speed optical communication chip production line in the world, which is expected to make up for the gap in the production of high-end optical communication chips in China.

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