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China released the world's first visible light communication chip

Time: 2018-09-13
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"Now we know that there is WI-FI, and we will know LIFI in the future. We used to know that light can provide illumination, but now light can also be used to transmit information, and the dream of having light to surf the Internet has come true. Professor Wu Jiangxing, academician Cheng Yuan and the main developer of visible light chip, said.

Data show that LIFI (Light Fidelity), also known as optical fidelity technology, is a new type of high-speed data transmission technology. It uses the high-speed light and dark flickering signals emitted by fluorescent lamps or light-emitting diodes, which can not be seen by the naked eye, to transmit information. The high-speed Internet wiring device is connected to the lighting device and can be used by inserting a power plug.


"Visible light communication is not only safe, stable, fast, efficient, but also low in cost. "Wu Jiangxing said that visible light communication technology is green, low carbon, can achieve near zero energy consumption communication, but also can effectively avoid radio communication electromagnetic signal leakage and other weaknesses, quickly build anti-interference, anti-interception security information space.


According to reports, the chipsets released this time can support high-speed transmission of G bits per second, fully compatible with mainstream high-speed interface protocol standards, indoor and home green ultra-wideband information networks, home intelligence services based on virtual reality functions, high-speed wireless data transmission, underwater high-speed wireless information transmission, special Visible light communication applications provide chip level products in areas such as regional mobile communications.

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