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说明: PLC splitter is very commonly used in FTTH networks by allowing a single PON interface to be shared among many subscribers since PLC splitter offers very accurate splits with minimal loss in an efficient package. In the following text, we will recommend you adtek 1X4 LGX cassette PLC fiber splitter and 1x8 blockless PLC splitter.Recommendation 1: 1x4 Standard LGX Cassette PLC Fiber Splitter FTTH SolutionThe standard LGX metal box housing provides a plug-and-play method for integration in the network, which eliminates any risks during installation. There is no need for splicing machines or skilled personnel for deployement on the field. Try our 1x4 LGX PLC splitter and 4U rack chassis in EPON network.Recommendation 2: 1x8 Blockless PLC Splitter FTTH SolutionBlockless PLC splitter ...
说明: The appropriate application of cable, switches, media converter and other devices is one of keys to successful copper network infrastructure installations. In, you can find the most suitable solutions for your business. Here we give two suggestions of building 1000Mbps copper cabling systems.Recommendation 1: Building 1000Mbps Network with Unmanaged Gigabit Media Converter and Duplex Fiber CableSuppose your current 1G network is based on Cat5e copper cable. What should you do if you need to reduce noise and interference and extend existing network transmission distance? Of course gigabit ethernet media converter is the ideal solution to save you money and trouble. With 1000BASE module and duplex fiber patch cable, you can achieve what you expect. Recomme...
说明: Simplifying installation of cabling network in data centers and other high density environment is one of engineers' biggest wishes. While others still use field-terminated copper cable, you are ahead of them when you are wise to choose pre-terminated trunk cable which is not only time saving but also money saving. Keep reading and find adtek pre-terminated Cat6 trunk cable.Recommendation 1: Plug to Plug Cat6 Pre-terminated Trunk Cable Application - With 1000Base-TPre-terminated Cat6 cable is preferred as an ideal solution for interconnecting switches and servers. If your Ethernet switch is equipped with the ports, then you need 1000 Base-T. This cable supports fast and easy installation but reduced labor costs. With feed-through patch panel, you can achieve eas...
说明: As is well known, fiber cabling work like cutting, polishing, terminating is time-consuming. Is there any simple and quick method to save installation time and space for your fiber optic system? MTP/MPO cassettes can offer you an easy plug-and-play solution in high density data center.Recommendation 1: Method A for 10G Ethernet and Fibre Channel Applications-MultimodeFrequent configuring fiber optic euipment is too much trouble. Then you need adtek MPO/MTP cassettes to build interconnection or cross connection for 10G connectivity. For high-density fiber cabling system over short distance, you're suggested to use multimode type and our series rack or wall mount enclosures to get more flexibilities and meet future network growth.Recommendation 2: Method A for 10G Ethernet and Fibre...
说明: Cable management is an essential part of any well designed network, and the significance of which cannot be overstated. Sound cable management lies a solid foundation to maintain peak network performance, improve uptime and seek future growth. “A beard well lathered is half shaved.” Cable management could be way easier with some tested-and-tried tools: adtek has made great stride in providing viable, hearty solutions for your growing data stores and density demands.1U Breakout Patch Panel GuideBreakout patch panel is designed specifically for high-density 40G-10G and 100G-25G breakout cabling. As an agile and scalable solution for mitigating cable cluster and improving airflow, breakout patch panel delivers aesthetic appeal and makes data center a more inviting place. This patch panel...
说明: CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) enable carriers to deliver more services over their existing fiber infrastructure by combining multiple wavelengths on a single fiber. FS offers a line of CWDM/DWDM solutions and products that help alleviate your fiber exhaust in a reliable, cost-efficient way. CWDM ITU Channels OverviewITU-T G.694.2 defines 18 wavelength (C1-C18) for CWDM transport ranging from 1270 to 1610 nm, spaced at 20 nm apart. The complete CWDM grid is shown below. Each CWDM channel is transparent to the speed and type of data, meaning that any mix of SAN, WAN, voice and video services can be transported simultaneously over a single fiber or fiber pair.ITU Channel No.Wavelength (nm)271270291290311310331330351350371...
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